Route, Daily Costs & Mileage Stats

TOTAL MILEAGE TO April 22, 2012: 40,239 km.  

DAYS ON THE ROAD: 302 (excluding 10 days in Antarctica)

RUNNING AVERAGE DAILY COST: $103.59 / day (91.72 excluding bike shipment)

Our Canada-USA-Mexico Route: 18,334 Km

31 days from Regina to NFLD in Canada (6,661 km): $3,500 – $112.50 / day

35 days in Eastern USA (5,659 km): $3,600 (major service & tires for Sandra included) – $102.85 / day

35 days in Mexico (6,014 km): $2,500 – $71.42 / day

Our Central America Route: 4,239 Km

35 days: $3,790 – (includes towing of Sandra’s bike, ordering parts, tires for Jordan, and taking the boat / shipping the bikes across the Darien Gap) – $108.28/day

Our Colombia Route – 2,536kms

33 days: $2,700 (including 2nd pair of tires for Sandra – which were not put on until Chile) = $81.81 / day

Our Ecuador Route: 3,108 Km

31 days: $2,081 (including new fuel filter & cleaning of injector for Sandra’s bike, & a new battery for Jordan) – $67.12 / day

Our Peru Route: 3,722 Km

31 days: $2,387.56 (including Machu Picchu & minor parts for bikes) = $88.37 per day.

Our Chile route.  5,127km

50 days: $4,172.87 including a 4 day ferry from Puerto Montt to Puerto Natales and bike parts (tires for Jordan, brakes for both, battery for Sandra, oil change self service) = $83.46 / day

Our Argentina Route.  3,173 kms

22 days (excluding 10 days in Antarctica).  $2,246.76 = $102.12 / day

Cost of shipping bikes to Los Angeles: $3,588.26 – includes $103 per bike for Dakar Motos fees and $160 in bank fees to withdraw cash for the transaction in Argentina.  Added to the cost of being in Argentina = $272.50 / day.


12 thoughts on “Route, Daily Costs & Mileage Stats

    • Thanks Craig, we’ll give that a try, working in Base Camp is a bit frustrating. We’ll work on being responsible later.

  1. Holy! When did this all start? We used to talk a lot about travel, but I had no idea what you were heading for… it’s inspirational! (If my wife Karen sees this, we’re done! It’ll be selling off the farm and upgrading her bike…)

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