About Us

In May, 2011 we quit our jobs and rented out our house.  We are taking a year to ride our motorbikes from Calgary, Alberta across Canada, through the U.S, Mexico, and Central & South America.  We’re chasing summer and we don’t know where we’ll end up or when we’ll stop.


36 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Well, you both look much too young to have a son on his own!!! Applaud you both for seeking and stepping up to the adventure. Wishing you both continuous joy and memories of a lifetime! Enjoy the updates….keep writing!
    Enid Gough

  2. Fabulous commentary! Fun to read! Sounds like the adventure of a lifetime, for sure! Thanks for sharing these fabulous stories and photos; looking fwd to living vicariously thru you and your trip! Be safe, and know your safety is in our prayers.

    Hasta luego, amigos!

  3. I was just cruising the message boards at Horizon, and found your response to another travelers question about Lima, your sharing of information is fantastic and very helpful…Happy New Years would love to buy you two coffee or a bottle of wine when your back and hear your travel stories…maybe setup a HUBB night!

  4. It was great to meet you guys in quito, hope the bike got fixed up okay! We did indeed buy the DR650 and its awesome! Thanks for the positive influence. How are you liking Ecuador? Also, what was the antimalarial you recommended?

    • Cool, Sarah! Do you have any photos we can see? Have an awesome time – that is a great bike you bought! The anitmalarial is Aleran 250mg. We take 2 per week. If you can, buy it in Colombia – no prescription needed and it is very inexpensive.


  5. Hey Guys,

    I stared in Calgary in 2009, drove up to Prudhoe Bay Alaska, then down to Tierra Del Feugo, taking almost 2 years and driving 65,000km.
    What an amazing adventure!

    While hiking around a volcano in Ecuador I realized there are a ton of Overlanders out there in the community who are extremely supportive and helpful to others hoping to do the same. Most people post information like border crossing logistics and gas prices to their blogs, and even forums like Expedition Portal.
    Some people have even written books on the subject. Unfortunately, this information quickly slides off front pages, and goes stale and out of date, making it very hard to find, and usually not very helpful.

    So I created WikiOverland.

    It’s designed to “pick up where the traditional guide books leave off”
    for Overlanders. Everything you need to know to successfully get around with your bikes is included.
    From entering the country, gas prices (in any currency and unit you
    choose), paperwork, camping, maps, safety, bribery, drinking water, etc.
    It’s all there. Because it’s built on the same software as Wikipedia
    (Mediawiki), anyone can add/edit/create information with one button
    click, right now.
    This project is completely free and built for the benefit of the

    If you are interested, there are some things you can do to help make
    WikiOverland great:

    * First of all, go ahead and use it! You’ll see there is tons of info
    for (almost) all the countries you are about to go through.
    Let me know if you think anything can be added/changed/improved.

    * Second, as you pass through countries, it would be amazing if you
    can take 5 minutes and update sections that have changed. Because it’s
    a wiki, you can just click edit in the top right of the screen, change
    it, then save it and you’re done. I imagine the “process at the
    border” and obviously “gas prices” will need updating, which should
    take only a few minutes. If nothing has changed, you could just update
    the “last updated date” for those sections so we know it’s still good
    as of now.
    If you happen to go to a country that I didn’t, it would be amazing if
    you can add it to WikiOverland for others to benefit.
    With any information you add to WikiOverland, I highly encourage you
    you to link back to your own blog as a reference, which will bring
    more people to your blog and increase your ranking in Google.

    * Third, you can make WikiOverland better by telling others about it –
    directing people to WikiOverland will only make it bigger and more
    useful for us all.
    It would be an amazing help if you could put a message and link to
    WikiOverland on your blog. Something like the message on the right of
    http://theroadchoseme.com would be perfect.

    Thanks, I’m excited to hear what you think.

    -Dan Grec

    • Very cool, Dan. Thanks! We’ll put up a link on our home page, and add to the Wiki whenever we can. PS: I’ve also read your blog (the road chose me) in the past number of months for ideas… it’s a great site. Cheers, Sandra.

      • Hey Sandra,

        Thanks for the link and content to http://wikioverland.org that’s great.

        I’m happy to hear you find The Road Chose Me useful. Sometimes it feels like a lifetime ago, so it’s great to read blogs like yours where people are still out there doing it!

        All the best for the continuing adventures. If there is anything I can do to help (info, ideas, whatever) please don’t hesitate to ask.


  6. Great to meet you guys in San Pedro de Atacama! Loved your photos of Ecuador… We might have to add that to our list for our next bike trip! Enjoy your ride down to the Patagonia. Remember to hike up Cerro Cristal by Lago Roca (near El Calafate, Argentina) for awesome views of the Andes, southern ice field and Torres del Paine!

    • Thanks Silke & Ryan. We had so much fun with you at the campground… maybe I (sandra) a little too much : )

      I can’t wait to get on to your blog for great trip ideas and look at all your amazing photos. Take care and hopefully we might see you in northern North America on our way back?

      Sandra & Jordan

  7. It was great to meet you guys and talk while you were cooking your corn, what an adventuresome duo, glad you took the time to stop in Utah. Hope the last leg is safe and interesting. I have decided that I should take a video camera everywhere and ask people their story, I bet I could get it on discovery, sorry for all the crazy questions I asked but you guys were so great to tell us about everything! I will start saving right now for the trip in 5 years to Europe and Africa!
    Dave and Kathy Fair….Zions National Park (Utah).

    • Hey – what a nice message, D & K. It was fun chatting with you as well. And, YES! get that video camera and start filming. I’m sure you can make something that could premier at Sundance! Take lots of care.

  8. I would love to buy you guys a few beers and here about how you did it. I live in Calgary too, and have been doing longer rides each year. Your trip is kind of a dream ride of mine. Sadly I am employed and working my butt off right now, but this summer holds real promise for another long trip.

    Your trip reports and photos were amazing.

    • Thanks, Thomas! Anytime…talking about our trip never gets boring :). And, despite the blog we are also back working in Calgary. And, we like beer. ~Sandra

  9. Hi Jordan & Sandra,

    We met a couple years ago on the “Berg Lake Trail” and we shared some common-interest stories and you divulged your plan to ride to “End of the world”. I have thought of you two on more than one occasion since and wondered how it all went. This past weekend I shared adventure stories with an other old friend and was reminded of you so, I “Googled” you.
    Congratulations to both of you and good luck in you next adventure.
    I look forward to reading your story.


    • Dan! Amazing reading your comment. How did you ever remember our names? So cool of you to look us up. I hope you find the read interesting.

      We are on our way to Icefields Parkway as I type this and I hope you are doing week and enjoying your own adventures.

  10. I just found you blog through Alison’s Wanderland blog. I will be following you guys too. I have been following Sherri Jo and James Cole on their trip through South America and before they met I had been following Sherri for a very long time. I did a trip to Alaska last year, Prudhoe Bay and in 2.5 years I am planning in doing a trip like you guys to Tierra Del Fuego. Keep safe and I will start reading your adventure now.

    • Hey George – glad you found us. Sadly, we are done our trip and have been home since July 2012. We will be planning more including Alaska one of these summers so we will be happy to hear that you will also have a website. Do you? I saw your other comments and… agree – the photos page is a bit lame, but at the time we created it Google+ wasn’t as popular. Best photos are in the blog anyway. As for prices – all prices are in local currencies. In the end, we achieved our goal of about $100 /day for 2 bikes, food and shelter for 2 people (excluding Antarctica – that was a visa vacation : )

      • Oh, I hadn’t started reading and didn’t realize you guys were done, well I’m still going to read it, need to learn as much as I can for my trip.
        I already have a blog, I’m on day 14 of my trip to Prudhoe Bay last year, I’m slow, been too busy with new job and a photo business I started but I will complete it eventually. I take too many photos and then it’s a battle what to include as you can see on my blog here: http://www.riding-the-usa.com
        Thanks for the info, keep on adventuring 🙂

      • I hope you enjoy it. Personally, we feel we got better at writing toward the end of the 14 months. Missing completely from the blog was our much-loved 6 weeks in South / Western USA – totally enjoyed more hiking and the incredible parks in that area. I think we would actually do this trip again – and including some missed areas in Mexico and South America. Thanks for the link to your site!

  11. Greetings. Just found your blog as I am researching a trip we hope to do next February. I would love to ask you some questions about your route and experiences. Let me know if that is possible for you.

  12. Hey ! I met you! It was in Quito at http://www.hotelbambuecuador.com Jay, Mercedes, and Eric were there also. I don’t remember if you two came with us to the Bull Fight. We couldn’t get cheap tickets so we didn’t go in. I do remember sandra needed repairs to her bike.
    I’m from Vernon, BC.(I have 20 collector bikes in my stable) I was looking for a place in Ecuador to retire. I liked Loja best, but when I was there I had been in Ecuador for 5 months and I started to have culture shock and just wanted to go home. I got tired of street dogs and bombs(every hour and a half in Loja)
    My sights are on Chile now and when October comes around I’m going to La Sarena/Coquimbo or somewhere a little north of Santiago. I want as much sun as possible with a mosquito free enviroment, and no snow.(unless I climb a mountain to find it.)
    I spent 6 hours today reading about some of your travels in South America and was totally caught up in everything you two have done. As I have done some of them as well.

    Bye for now, Al

  13. I live in Vernon and want to come out to Calgary to share a coffee at Tim Hortens with the two of you or jay and mercedes. Sometime before the end of July.
    I am going to check out Chile in October, see if that’s the place I want to retire in.
    Contact me at: al2wheels@gmail.com if you or Jay want to meet with me sometime.

  14. Jordan & Sandra

    May I please get a meeting with you guys? Do you guys live in Calgary?

    I am planning a tour next year and I would really appreciate if I can get an hour of your time for some tips.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Adnan. Sorry I just saw your question tonight. Maybe you’ve already left? We are in Calgary and we could meet for a beer or coffee if you like. If you reply with text or email information, I won’t approve it so it will remain hidden.

  15. Good morning Sandra and Jason,
    It is so nice to read your blog, it is not only helpful but exciting.
    Because of time constraint, I will bike from California to Punta Arenas in three legs beginning awkwardly with the last leg of the trip: I am about to fly to Chile in February then ride to Ushuaia. I will do the northern parts of the trip the following years.
    Was it difficult to get that boat ticket for Antartica? Do you recommend I buy it before I leave L.A.? Based on your blog on gravel riding; o you recommend I take a “off road” riding course that includes gravel riding? I have been riding for 45 years, mostly on pavement under different extreme/adverse conditions including during Calgary’s winter snowy days (I used to live in this beautiful city).
    Thank you so very much.

    • Hi Bernard. We bought our ticket from our hostel and didn’t look for tickets before arriving. I think we may have been lucky because it was the end of the Antarctica season. As for off road – you can ride all the way on paved roads, nicely graded gravel roads or challenging tracks… I wished I (Sandra) had taken a course but ended up ‘learning’ along the way. Really based on your comfort level and how you decide to get there. Sorry – I know that is not an ‘answer’. Have fun – I can’t wait until we can go again!

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